3 Reasons You’ll Love the X Rocker Pro H3 — A Review

Product Name — X Rocker Pro H3
Company — X Rocker (Ace Bayou Corp.)
Model # — 51259
Defining Features — 4.1 Surround Sound;  Subwoofer; Wireless connectivity; Vibration
Price Range* — $172.24 ~ $279.99 *(including shipping)
Cheapest Place to Buy — Wayfair (as of this writing)
Common Search Terms
 — x rocker pro h3 video gaming chair wireless black; x rocker pro series wireless game chair
Compatible Gaming Systems — XBOX, XBOX 360, Playstation, PSP, PS3, Wii…
Star Ratings — (Amazon: 4.4/5; Walmart: 4.5/5; Hayneedle: 4.6/5) starstarstarstarhalfstar

The X Rocker Pro H3: 3 Reasons You'll Love It

So, what's the big deal? Sure, it looks like a Cadillac seat. But, it's not just a big, cushy chair.

The Pro H3 is X Rocker's feature-rich, top-of-the line gaming chair, with 3 main features that make it worth while:

  1. Sound
  2. Vibration
  3. Wireless Connectivity

First I'll talk about those three main reasons people buy and love this chair for enhanced gaming. Then, I'll show you some more features and specs, a couple minor complaints from reviews, and show you where to buy it online.

1) Awesome Sound

Let's just start with the best thing first, instead of saving it for last.

The sound on this thing is simply awesome.

X Rocker Pro Headrest Speaker

Speakers at the top of the headrest by your ears

It boasts full 4.1 Surround Sound — which means 4 speakers (left & right, front & back) and 1 subwoofer for the deep bass that fills the room.

Speakers by your ears in the headrest, and on both sides of the seat ahead of you, combined with that subwoofer in your back gives you just about the best experience you can have without setting up a personal surround sound system yourself.

You won't be able to help but smile when you first get it set up and turn on your game.

Check the reviews online. Few can deny the quality of the sound experience when you sit and play in this amazing chair.

As a matter of fact, you don't even have to be sitting in the chair to appreciate the sound. It's loud enough to fill the room with the sounds of your game. (Apologize to your spouse or parents in advance.)

While the seat still puts you in the center of all the audio magic (the sounds in the game will be coming from all around you), everyone else in the room will also be able to experience the stereo surround sound, and booming bass.

Click here to buy the X Rocker Pro H3 on Amazon

2) Vibration

The X Control Panel on the side lets you conveniently adjust volume & vibration levels, and connect to headphones and other chairs.

Adding chair vibration the the mix completes the immersive experience.

I'm counting this separately, but it really goes hand-in-hand with the Sound benefit, above.

The vibrator sits in the lower portion of the seat back, near the subwoofer. It kicks in when certain sounds or actions in the game need to be “felt” more than heard.

So, when your character in the game gets hit or shot, or drives over a bump, or if there is an explosion in the game, a little shake in the seat adds a physical surprise element. A nice touch that adds a first-hand experience to a first-person shooter.

3) Wireless Connectivity

X Rocker Wireless Kit

A transmitter sends the audio directly to the wireless receiver built into the chair.

If you're one of those gamers that sees a cable from the gaming console to the chair as a string of ugly clutter — or just find cables to be a limiting inconvenience — you'll appreciate this feature.

The chair comes with a wireless transmitter that plugs into your console, and sends the audio signals wirelessly to a receiver built into the control panel.

This allows you to place the chair anywhere in the room, without having to worry about the length of the wire, or tripping over it.

Click here to buy the X Rocker Pro H3 at Wayfair.com

Real World Reviews

Hundreds of reviews at all of the major online stores average out steadily at about 4.5 stars.

And, as I mentioned above, everybody raves about the sound.

Some of the other features, however, left a small handful of customers dissatisfied, and it was about the same few features: wireless connectivity, and comfort.

Despite these complaints, most users were able to find a solution to their problem:

Wireless Connectivity

Some users reported static in the sound when using the wireless connection. This will be a problem in homes with a lot of radio interference. Other users complained that the transmitter ran through batteries too fast.


  • Three channels on the wireless transmitter and receiver allow you to select one that has the best signal quality.
  • Some users had to revert to using the cables for the best sound quality.
  • Plugging an AC power source into the transmitter lets you keep it on without batteries.


X Rocker Pro H3

Most larger customers (up to 6'2″ and 300 lb.) said the seat was large enough to support them, but some complained that the comfort was short lived.

The padding wore down for them after some months of use, revealing a hard support in the front of the chair that pressed against their legs.

The armrests are supposed to be an added feature to support your arms for comfort. On this chair, however, they are not adjustable, so they don't fit every user. They can also come slightly loose with wear. (They are not designed to be used to lift or move the chair.)


  • Some customers added their own pillow to make up for the discomfort.
  • Taller customers might prefer a pedestal gaming chair so they can stretch their legs.
  • Some taller and wider customers decided to remove the armrests for optimal comfort.

Other Features & Specifications

Other features people like about the chairs are it's ability to connect to other chairs or headphones, and its foldability.

Connection to Other Chairs — The chair has a set of audio output ports that allow it to pass sound through to an additional chair. This allows two (or more) gamers to connect to the same gaming console to enjoy the same sound at the same time.

Headphones — A headphones jack in the control panel allows private listening and gameplay without disturbing others in the room.

Folding — allows you to put the chair away conveniently to make space in the room.

Here are a list of specs from the manufacturer's website:

Material: vinyl
Arms: fixed
Number of Speakers: four speakers (on each side of head-rest and on each side of the seat) and one sub-woofer (on the back)
Wireless Capable: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Bass: Yes
Headphone Jack: Yes
MP3 Jack: Yes
USB Port: No
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Where to Buy the X Rocker Pro H3

Most people's first inclination to buy online is Amazon (Click here to buy it on Amazon), but Amazon doesn't always have the cheapest price, or the best selection.

Pricing tends to be seasonal. When I first started researching prices for this review, Hayneedle.com had the best price ($172.24), but they ran out of stock at that price quickly.

At the time of this writing, the best place to buy the X Rocker Pro H3 — based on price, customer service, selection, and availability — is Wayfair.com*.

But, be careful when shopping based on price.

X Rocker Pro H3 Control Panel

Be sure you see a speaker in the seat next to the control panel. If not, you have the inferior 2.1 stereo version, not the one with full 4.1 surround sound.

When you see a cheaper price, be sure that you're not looking at the Pro H3's inferior twin — the one with 2.1 stereo sound.

That chair only has speakers in the headrest, and not on the side of the seat, giving you regular stereo instead of the 4.1 Surround Sound.

Additionally, some lesser known retailers online will advertise significantly cheaper prices than the range I've posted above — but, with a twist.

These shops will tack on high shipping rates AFTER you get to their checkout page, bringing the price to well above what major retailers will sell for including shipping (which they often offer for free).

If you want to do your own price comparison — or if Wayfair and Amazon are out of stock — please check out this list for the top places to buy X Rocker Gaming Chairs online around the world.

*Wayfair is a multinational online retail store specializing in furniture, home furnishings, luggage, toys, and pet items. They are a major seller of X Rocker chairs.

Click here to buy the X Rocker Pro H3 at Wayfair.com


The exceptional sound and vibration provide for a highly enhanced gaming experience — exactly what you want from this chair. Only a few customers had trouble with the wireless connectivity and seat comfort, and those problems were minor and resolvable.

If you have questions about the X Rocker Pro H3 not answered here, please post a message in the comments, below. I promise to respond as soon as possible.

Or, if you've had an experience with the chair that you think people should know about, please feel free to share that, too.


~ Scott


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