Thinking about Buying an Outdoor TV?

When you’re an informed shopper, you can make better buying decisions and investment in the right products.

Buying an Outdoor TV is no different.

I've found an article describing a unique approach to buying outdoor TVs that doesn’t just say “These are the best outdoor tvs!”

This process that lets you cater your outdoor tv purchase to YOUR environment and budget—You can make sure you don’t waste money on features you don’t need.

It takes the approach that the best rated outdoor TVs may not necessarily be the best for YOU.

The article begins by describing the 2 features that define an outdoor TV, and then discussing the various reasons you might need one. (You might not!)

Then, it goes on to discuss the process:

  • Step 1: Assess Your Environment
  • Step 2: Determine Required Levels of Protection
  • Step 3: Shop with That Protection in Mind
  • Step 4: Narrow Your Options with Your Viewing Preferences

Assessing your environment is probably the most important factor in determining if you need an outdoor TV at all! Light, weather and moisture conditions are key.

Those conditions determine what levels of protection you'll need. Outdoor TVs come in various levels of weatherproofing, the better, the more expensive. So, no need to waste money on protection you don't need.

Shopping with that protection in mind means going out and narrowing down your options based on that protection.

Those last two steps are basically one.

I'm sure this methodology will help many people, though I also think most savvy shoppers will understand this approach already.

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