The 3 Best Deals: Audio V Rocker Gaming Chair

V-Rocker MainAt the bottom of this review, I link you to the three best places to purchase an audio V Rocker Gaming Chair.

But before you go running off to purchase one of these chairs, you might want to know a little bit about it to see if it's for you.

Here's my quick review:

The V Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair


The Cool Features

The V Rocker ES Gaming Chair has a number of features that make it a cool addition to your gaming room.

The subwoofer is built into the seat of the chair

The subwoofer is built into the seat of the chair

The main reason people buy this chair is for the built-in Stereo Sound. Two speakers in the headrest and a Subwoofer in the seat combine to create a nice 2.1 stereo “sound bubble” for anyone sitting in the chair.

Not only will it connect with most gaming systems, but you can use it with DVD players, VCRs, and most music players, so you can immerse yourself in video games, movies, or just music while kicking back.

The convenient Control Panel controls volume and bass levels

The convenient Control Panel controls volume and bass levels

Wireless Connectivity means you can place the chair anywhere in the room without worrying about tripping over wires. It comes with it's own wireless transmitter that you connect to the gaming system to send sound to the chair.

The vinyl & breathable mesh in the upholstery of the chair makes it Easy to Clean — as simple as spray-and-wipe.

When not in use, the chair folds nicely into a compact space for easy storage.

Caveat Emptor

Speaking of “compact”, I have only one real warning for people who want to buy this chair:

See how a tall man looks in the chair in the video below

See how a tall man looks in the chair in the video below

It's for smaller people.

By that, I don't necessarily mean younger people, I just mean shorter.

If you're 5'5″ or taller, you might find this chair a little bit uncomfortable. The headrest will be down below your shoulders, and if you have any back trouble, a pillow for lumbar support might be in order.

Price & Availability

The retail price for the chair lists at about $150, but will often be on sale for just under $80 depending on the season, and availability.

While pictures of various colors abound on the Internet, I haven't seen the chair available in Red or in Blue, so you'll have to settle for the black & grey version for now. Black goes with just about everything anyway.

Where to Buy

Here's what you've come here to read. These are the three best places to buy this chair:

V Rocker Left V Rocker Front editNew_Walmart_Logo V Rocker Right editHayneedle-Logo
  • Amazon is probably most consistently the cheapest place to buy the V Rocker in the $80 price range.
  • Walmart, the second largest online retailer, will usually have the chair in stock near the $80 price point, and possibly other styles and colors, too. Do a quick search while you're there.
  • Hayneedle is a furniture retailer online that will have a good sale price during the Christmas season, and when they are overstocked.

Here's a review of the chair from Hayneedle's website:

I hope this has been a helpful review of the audio V Rocker Gaming Chair, and the best places to buy it. If you have any questions, or something to add, please place your comments in below.

~ Scott


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