How to Make Your HDMI Gaming Console Work With Your X Rocker Gaming Chair

Which Game Pad?One of the most frustrating discoveries you can make after buying an X Rocker gaming chair is getting it home and finding out that it can't connect to your gaming console right out of the box.

But, there is a solution.

While the Bad News is that, yes, you might have to buy yet another device (dang it!), the Good News is that it's not necessarily that expensive, nor hard to find.
(Anywhere from $25 to $65 online)

Here's a brief description of the problem, the solution, and a list of gaming systems you'll want to know about.

The Problem

They have a funny phrase in the electronics industry: “If you can buy it, then it's already obsolete.”

Technology moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. As demands for “better and faster” increase, new chips have to be made, and new controllers, and connectors, etcetera, etcetera…

HDMI Extension Cable

The HDMI Connector

As TVs moved to high-definition (HD) images and surround sound, gaming systems changed to provide that imagery and sound. And the old stereo connectors just don't deliver on that anymore.

Enter a digital solution.

The HDMI connector (it stands for “High-Definition Multimedia Interface”) was designed to deliver all that high-definition, surround-sound glory in one cable.

It's a huge convenience over the several cables you used to need for the older method.

RCA Connector (red, white, & yellow)

RCA Connectors: Composite Video (yellow) with Stereo Audio (red & white)

The X Rocker gaming chairs, however, are still designed to work with the older left-and-right stereo sound, and RCA connectors.
(There is only one X Rocker designed for surround sound. But, it still uses the older RCA cables.)

This actually allows for maximum compatibility across gaming systems.

While some new gaming systems simply added the HDMI port to the plethora of connectors already on the back, others completely replaced the older connectors, doing away with them completely.

So, now you're stuck with an HDMI-only based gaming system, and an RCA-only based gaming chair.

Here's what you need…

The Solution

As I mentioned, the simple answer is that you need an additional device/adapter called an HDMI Audio Extractor.

What that adapter does might sound a little complicated, but here goes:

The HDMI Audio Extractor converts the digital audio signal from the HDMI cable to analog stereo RCA connectors that you can connect to your X Rocker chair.

At the same time, it sends the video part of the signal to another HDMI port that you can connect to your HD Television, ensuring the same quality video image.

Here's an example of what it might look like:

HDMI Converter In and Out

Top: HDMI goes IN
Bottom: HDMI & Stereo RCA comes OUT
(and Optical Audio)

So, first you'd use an HDMI cable to connect your game system to the HDMI input on the converter, and another HDMI cable to connect the converter's HDMI Output to the TV.

Then, you'd use the RCA cables that come with your X Rocker to connect the converter to the chair.

Make sense?

Click here to buy an HDMI to RCA Audio Extractor on Amazon

A List of Compatible Systems

So, the main questions you're probably asking are:

  • Does the X Rocker work with PS4? PS3? Older PlayStations?
  • What about the Nintendo Wii, and Wii U?
  • Does the X Rocker gaming chair work with XBOX, XBOX 360, and XBOX One?

Here's a list of all the modern gaming consoles, and whether it works out-of-the-box with your X Rocker gaming chair, or if you'll need the adapter mentioned above:

Will My Gaming Console Work with the X Rocker Gaming Chair?

Gaming System Works with X Rocker?
XBox Yes
XBox 360 Yes
XBox One Needs Adapter
PlayStation Yes
PlayStation 2 Yes
PlayStation 3 Yes
PlayStation 4 Needs Adapter
Nintendo Wii Yes
Nintendo Wii U Yes*

*Needs adapter if using the HDMI option.

I hope this helps you relax and get what you need to get back in that chair and start rockin'!

Have you discovered any new problems or solutions to the compatibility conunndrum? Or, do you have a question for more clarity? Please post your question or comment below, and I will respond as soon as I can.

~ Scott


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