About Me

Me “losing myself” in another pastime.

If you're anything like me, you like to lose yourself in your games and videos.

For me, that's the whole point!

I lean into turns with my body. I dodge bullets with my head. While I am “just playing a video game”, I am often physically exhausted when I'm done.

Anything that helps me to get lost in the experience is a well-welcomed accessory.

Discovering the “Gaming Chair”

So, I work next to the gaming department in a retail computer chain store. One particularly sloooow day, I decided to kill a little time in that neighboring department.

In front of one of the gaming consoles was a new product, generically labeled “gaming chair”.

“What a dumb marketing idea,” I thought, as I sat in it to prepare to play.

As I leaned back into the chair, however, my opinion changed. The seat wrapped around me the way the bucket seat in a Corvette does, and I immediately felt different about myself and the game.

I was comfortable, tuned in, and ready for action. I lost all awareness of my head dodging and back-and-forth leaning.

The seat put me in such a different mind space that I had to be interrupted by a customer to realize what I was supposed to be doing in the store.

Anyway, after that experience, I decided to research what other gaming chairs available, and what they had to offer.

And I was pretty amazed.

Surround sound, vibration, chair linking — all kinds of technological enhancements to create a more intense and immersive gaming experience.

While I've found a number of really cool gaming chairs out there, the X Rocker line of gaming chairs is one of the most popular lines, so I dedicated this website to that line of products. However, I'll be reviewing any and all of the best (and worst) chairs I can find.

I still consider myself new to the gaming chair experience, but I'll keep on reviewing what I find. I hope you'll join me on the journey.

~ Scott

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