Finding A Good Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

I thought I should take a break from gaming chairs to address some of the issues that arise from sitting in a chair for most of the day: Back pain and discomfort Poor posture Numbness in your legs and feet Tension in your neck and shoulders Other

The 3 Best Deals: Audio V Rocker Gaming Chair

At the bottom of this review, I link you to the three best places to purchase an audio V Rocker Gaming Chair. But before you go running off to purchase one of these chairs, you might want to know a little bit about it to see if it's for you.

5 Ways to Make Your X Rocker Gaming Chair More Comfortable

You LOVE your X Rocker gaming chair. The speakers, vibrators, rocking, and so forth make for a really cool gaming experience. But, perhaps your chair is losing some of the comfort it once gave you — or maybe you never found it that comfortable in the first place. A lot

3 Reasons You’ll Love the X Rocker Pro H3 — A Review

Product Name — X Rocker Pro H3 Company — X Rocker (Ace Bayou Corp.) Model # — 51259 Defining Features — 4.1 Surround Sound;  Subwoofer; Wireless connectivity; Vibration Price Range* — $172.24 ~ $279.99 *(including shipping) Cheapest Place to Buy — Wayfair (as of this writing) Common Search Terms — x rocker pro h3 video gaming chair wireless black; x

Replacing Your X Rocker Gaming Chair Cables

Have you lost your X Rocker gaming chair cables and wondering what the best way to replace them is? Not to worry. The sound cables that came with your chair are nothing other than basic audio cables. This artice will tell you what you need to know: How to identify

How to Get the X Rocker Wireless Kit Online Cheaply

If you've been fruitlessly looking for an inexpensive X Rocker Wireless Kit in the last several months, I have good news for you. The device is back from the dead. The kit was discontinued some time ago. Online retailers have all been out of stock for months,